• Legs and Thighs Care
  • Contributing the recovery and strengthening of hurt veins through grape seed oil component.
  • Preventing expansion of verices and helping treatment of preliminary stages.
  • Removing dark spots resulting from varices despite vitamin C.
  • Soothing joint pains with low intensity, skin inflammation and sunburn.
  • Reducing muscle pains and has natural soothing impact of
    mint to give a joyful feeling in the lower limbs like feet.
  • Capability to be applied in all parts of the body It supplements
    different treatment methods of varices such as surgery, laser, etc.
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A smoothing cool gel composed of fresh mint and delicately perfumed, The Leg and Thigh Care of Laboratories Jacques Andrhrel, instantly invigorates and refreshes your heavy and tires legs.

This special formula allows:

  • The decongestion and draining of your legs, removes the excess water and makes your legs firmer and smoother in appearance due its specific plant actives
  • Refreshes and invigorates your legs since it contains fresh mint
  • Its light texture allows very rapid penetration without leaving any traces, your legs are full of energy, and revitalized.
  • Repairs and opens/ drains the affected veins
  • Helps prevents the worsening of the inflamed veins
  • Reduces fatigue and heaviness of the legs
  • Moisturizes and softens the skin

Effective Ingredients

Direction for Use

Apply in the morning and night after a cool shower, by spreading the gel with a gentle massage upwards and cover the thighs until all the gel has penetrated the skin.

Technical Details

Grape seed Oil
  •  Is a powerful antioxidant, enriched with effectives phenolics compounds to repair damaged veins
  • Is rich in vitamins C, E and Omega 6
  • Has Resveratrol that promotes collagen production and elasticity of the skin
Menthyl Lactate
  •  Relieves pain, inflammation and burning of the skin due to the sun
  • Is a refreshing and relaxing natural and lasting
Acrylate Crossepolymer
  • Creates a supple and durable layer on the skin
  • In combination with vitamin C, helps clear up brown spots
  • Stabilizes the active ingredients existing in the product
  • Helps to balance the PH of the skin
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