A brief history of Jacques Andhrel of Paris,
Jacques Andhrel’s name first received public attention in the 1960s in Chateauroux in central regions of France when its founder began to produce hygienic materials at Family Pharmacy using traditional phytomedicine.
Today, Jacques Andhrel laboratory is present in several countries as one of the important centers of innovation, formulation, making of products on the hygienic realm and by presenting products, technical knowhow, modern formulations , education and training of technical staff, commissioning of modern production strategies, commissioning of scientific and research conferences, and actively continues its spectacular presence and trend on the scene.
Although in present world, competition market on this scence is greatly strong and cruel, the greatest and most principal backbone of Jacques Andhrel laboratory comprises close collaboration and eternal cooperation of the company with researchers, professors, students and those engaged in production of hygienic industries and this policy, today is under supervision of Dr. Akram Fazel and assisted by senior experts and world experts including Mr. David Lam, the Canadian expert in operational affairs, technology, research and production.

The other colleagues in this sector are persons such as Jean André Brin, pharmacist doctor, who has obtained his pharmacy diploma with superior rank from Chatenay Malabry University of France and several years in addition to research and teaching, has been charged with chairmanship of Société Française de Cosmétologie in France and or Mr.Dr.Thierry Roditis, scientific advisor who is active in research sector and collegiate research assistance.
Dr. Akram Fazel is one of today’s partners who is entrusted with the task of management of the sector of scientific research, formulation and innovation at Jacques Andhrel laboratory and while possessing P.hD degree in microbiology and genetic biochemistry from U.S. New York State University has already been charged with following responsibilities:

  • Director of scientific researches at Oréal , France’s hygienic, cosmetics sector
  • Director of research and scientific, hygienic strategy of great Lancome great marks and Helena Rubinstein, Maybelline
  • Management of coordination of research and scientific documents with norm centers and European and Japanese standards.
  • General management of research of foodstuff of Danon group of France.
  • Scientific researcher at Institut Pasteur of France
Skin Care
Cosmetic and Hygienic Products

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