Regulator care greasy hair

The excess of sebum secretion by the skin or scalp blocks the hair follicles, and thus provokes inflammation and aggravates the oily status, which may lead to hair loss.
Jacques Andhrel Laboratories has developed a unique and exclusive combination of twenty plants enriched with sage and lemon extract that are included in the formulation of this innovating shampoo. Specifically conceived and developed for oily hair, this very invigorating Shampoo containing lemon extracts and sage, helps resolve seborrhea problem of hair and reduces oiliness.
The presence of sage and lemon extracts together offers equilibrium, freshness, brilliance and lightness to your hair.
The properties:
Sage extract known for its anti-sudoral (sweat) effects helps reduce gently the production of sebum.  Lemon extract by virtue of its complex equilibrium of mild acids protects and cleanses your scalp. These complexes allow frequent washing of your hair.
-Regulates excess sebum secretion
-Has a very potent anti-bacterial effect
-Has anti-inflammatory effect

Purify your hair, find freshness, lightness and brilliance

Directions for use:
Apply this shampoo on wet hair, and massage gently your scalp. Rinse and apply for a second time.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse abundantly with clean water.
Do not swallow.


Sage extract
(Salvia officinalis)
o Is a powerful regulator of sebum
o Has an anti-bacterial effect
o Is an antioxidant
o Fights dandruff and hair loss
Lemon peel oil
(Citrus Medica Limonum)
o Is an anti bacterial
o Controls Dandruff
o illuminates hair
Citralo Regulates the secretion of the sebaceous glands
(Provitamin B5)
o Turns into vitamin B5 once penetrated into the skin or hair.
o Moisturizes and smoothes the hair
o Improves brittle hair
Propylene glycolo Is a strong absorbent of moisture
Glycerino Moisturizes and retains moisture in the skin
o Has an anti-inflammatory effect

– Regulates the sebum and the secretion of the sebaceous glands in an efficient way
– Increases the synthesis of Collagen and therefore the elasticity of the skin
– Hydrates and is an anti inflammatory
– Usable throughout the day


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