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An efficient treatment against dandruff, this shampoo containing Piroctone Olamine  and tea essence reduces the desquamation (shedding of epidermis layer) of the scalp and soothes itching. The presence of Piroctone Olamine in this unique formulation allows eliminating the dandruff and strengthening hair shafts, without being aggressive to your scalp.
The properties:
This shampoo contains a new complex known as Piroctone Olamine that reduces desquamation (shedding of the skin layer), has strong anti-bacterial effect as well as reducing itching.  All may lead towards formation of dandruff.
Clinical studies performed in different laboratories have shown  the following properties of Piroctone Olamine:
-Anti-microbial effect, a key responsible for dandruff  formation
-Rescues desquamation and formation of dandruff
-Efficient and Rapid effect

Equilibrates your hair, will restore its lightness, freshness and silkiness.

Directions for use:
Apply this shampoo on wet hair, and massage gently your scalp. Rinse and apply for a second time.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse abundantly with clean water.
Do not swallow.


Piroctone Olamine
o Is a powerful anti-dandruff, antifungal and antibacterial
o Does not cause allergy
Vitamin E
(Tocopheryl Acetate)
o Is an antioxidant
o Absorbs and maintains humidity of the skin
(Provitamin B5)
o Becomes Vitamin B5 once it has penetrated the skin
o Softens the hair by moisturizing
o Is effective for the treatment of brittle hair
D-Limoneneo Is a antifungal and antibacterial of vegetable origin (zest of lemon)
o strengthens the wall of blood capillaries
o illuminates hair
Propylene Glycol
  • Locks in skin’s natural moisture to help prevent drying
Glycerino Is moisturizing and maintains humidity of the skin
o Is an anti inflammatory

– Control and treat all types of dandruff (dry or oily) and relieve itching
– Has a lasting and effective effect in the treatment of psoriasis
– Softens the hair
– Is antibacterial and antifungal

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