Act Implant Shampoo 150ml


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Jacques Andhrel’s After Hair Transplantation shampoo has unique ingredients for washing, safe care, and helping the transplanted hair to grow faster, as well as helping treat inflammation diseases of the scalp skin such as folliculitis, seborrheic dermatitis, and psoriasisÂ

  • Neutralizes pH

Contains extracts of sage and extracts of lemon peel to control rubbing the fat and prevent follicular swelling


Contains Allantoin and Peptides to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation caused by surgery


Contains Aloe Vera, Magnolia, and Vitamin C to moisturize the skin, prevent dandruff, and accelerate the process of wound healing


Contains Biopeptides, Argan oil, and vitamins to increase blood flow, proper nourishment of the scalp skin, and increased growth of implanted follicles


This is a foam shampoo with a neutral pH that makes it very easy to wash and rinse, and greatly reduces the risk of squeezing or straining the newly transplanted hair

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