Filtractive SPF30

Filtractive SPF30, Sunscreen for oily skin

In addition to its positive effects on mood, the sun is the main cause of premature skin aging and skin cancers. Filteractive SPF30 which is made especially for oily skin, guarantees a lasting protection and full UVA-UVB cover.

This cream which is made especially for oily skin and acne, has dry, gentle and anti-glare effects on your skin.
Thanks to its active complex ‘AC.NET’ which is a combination of oleanolic acid and NDGA acid in an osmotic gel, this cream reduces sebum secretion. Oleanolic acid destroys seborrhea. And NDGA acid which is the regulator of cell growth, causes the thickness of the stratum corneum of the skin and its swelling to be reduced. This gel also has anti-bacterial properties.
Having no parabens and having the fragrance of jasmine, this cream provides a skincare against seborrhea and wrinkles and leaves your skin matte.

Direction for use :
Apply uniformly and evenly to the face before each sun exposure. Then, re-apply at least every two hours for even the most easily irritated skin and the more exposed skin.