actimplant shampoo

The permanent treatments of hair loss require surgery and the implantation of skin cell and hair follicles. Now there are many different techniques for hair transplantation and your physician has recommended the appropriate method for you. Of course with any surgery there is a risk, but your physician knows the best ways to mitigate and minimize these risks. Follicle hair implants results in a natural hair look and hair line.

If follicle hair implantation is successful, your hair follicles will continue to grow afterwards and your hair will become permanent. Your physician will also recommend the post-operative care for your implanted hair follicles.
Generally after the surgery and follicle implants, the area around the implant will be very sensitive and can be prone to infections, inflammation (swelling), scarring, production of large amounts of sebum, as well as feeling pain and discomfort. The scalp like your skin requires to be regularly moisturized. Excessive skin sebum can develop in the affected area causing itchiness and can provoke formation of skin flakes. The scalp after the surgery is quite delicate and requires special care. Deep cleansing is required to avoid infections and the skin and the hair follicles at this stage require a much optimized environment in terms of nutrition, soothing effects as well as the reduction of the redness and inflammation. The grafted hair follicles require an environment allowing rapid healing, stimulate and accelerate the hair follicles roots to develop and grows deeper in the skin. The formation of the crust following the hair transplantation, if possible should be avoided or minimized since this would reduce the period of risk for the patient to lose their hair implants and would enable the patient quickly to return to their normal life. Healing will generally take one week if there are no complications and generally over four months are required to observe the growth of newly implanted hair follicles.





Lemon Extract 0.02%
Sage Extract

o Decrease the secretion of sebum
o The anti-dandruff property


o Relieves and reduces pain after hair transplantation
o Helps healing

Centella Asiatica
Vitamin C

o Has antibacterial property
o Decreases the risk of infection

Magnolia Extract
Aloe Vera Extract

o Reduces inflammation and irritation of the scalp
o Accelerates recovery
o Deep hydrate
o Accelerates blood circulation

Vitamin A- Vitamin E

o Promotes and accelerates the growth of newly implanted grafts while strengthening them

Argan Oil

o Is rich in fatty acids (reduces skin fat)
o Contains Vitamin E, Omega 6 and 9
o Nourishes the follicles and the scalp
o moisturize the scalp in depth
o Prevents brittle hair

- Is at neutral PH
- Designed as foam to facilitate the use of shampoo
- It must be applied for six months since the first use (4-5 weeks after the hair transplant)
- Can be used for hair transplantation performed by FUT, FIT, combined and PRP techniques as well as in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the scalp (psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, and folliculitis)

* This product is designed and recorded for the first time by Jacques Andhrel's research team in Paris, and made available to specialists in hair transplantation.